Discover the TAP bottle

The TAP bottle is customizable, economical and sustainable.

Tap bottle! by gobilab

Reusable bottle in Tritan (without BPA), customizable card (28x70mm), dishwasher safe.
Volume : 0,4l. Dimensions of the bottle : 21,6 x 8,7cm. Weight: 180g. Material of the tag: Pearlthane or Gaïalene depending on the color.

The TAP bottles are now availble online for the price of 18 CHF on USI shop; they are displayed at the student advisory (USI shop) on the third floor of the main building.

Now that you know all about the TAP bottle, order yours!

Which color are you?

TAP Sunny Yellow TAP Tangerine Orange Tap Peachy Coral Tap Lava red TAP Persian Rose TAP Purple Passion TAP Lime Green Tap Sea Green TAP Blue Lagoon TAP Grey Thunderstorm