You live in an apartment and always have dreamed about growing your own organic veggies? It is now possible through the growing station: the Grove.

A fully automated system of the size of a bookshelf enable to grow on the upper “shelf” all sorts of product such as salad, strawberries, tomatoes with a fully equipped lighting close to the sun light. While the middle “shelf” provide the space to grow microgreens and the bottom “shelf” provide fertilizer and water through a fish tank.

An app run the whole system adjusting the settings to optimize the growing conditions for the plants. It also gives you information on a daily basis for your day-to-day task, like harvest time or when to add water …

Blog pics_grove-ecosystem

In our project GROWN (, we discovered the Swiss start-up SWISSPONIC, which is developing this amazing concept through their smart system technology. It enables you to grow your own supply of healthy foods thanks to an interactive system of applications for mobile devices. To discover it, visit their website

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