The “Tap it up” project aims to reduce PET water bottle waste by making drinking tap water the easier choice. “Tap it up” communicates the economic, health and environmental benefits of drinking Swiss Tap Water and has made tap water more accessible on the Università della Svizzera italiana campuses.

In collaboration with AIL, Department of Urban Services (DSU) of the Citta di Lugano, and Lugano Turismo, the newly available Waterway App joins a family of Apps (Greenway, Urbanway, and Waterway) that promote the city and it’s surroundings.

Tap at walking lugano_26.04.2015_29     Tap at walking lugano_26.04.2015_30

Tap at walking lugano_26.04.2015_14     Tap at walking lugano_26.04.2015_16

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