Integrate Sustainability into your business

Do you own a business? Is the topic of Sustainability important to you?

More and more companies follow the Sustainability trend. Find below three initiatives that drive sustainability integration across businesses.

1) Integrated reporting

The integrated reporting helps companies to understand and to communicate the ways in which their business models create value to stakeholders, as well as to understand the interconnections between material issues.

There aren´t many examples of truly integrated companies, but Philips and SAP are part of these few companies.

2) CFO engagement and leadership

The CFO role is evolving from  pure financial planning and reporting to the wider lens of value creation. Four guides were published by the network to help the finance and accounting community taking practical steps to integrate sustainability into their business processes and decisions.

Members of the network include companies such as The Crown Estate, Danone, Marks & Spencer, Royal DSM, Sainsbury’s and Unilever.

3) Benefit Corporations

The benefits corporation have to expand current measures beyond financial value to include environmental and social aspects are:

  • improved resilience,
  • more informed decision-making
  • better investor engagement over the long term

However, the business model itself has to be driven by sustainability. Integration has to be done through effective transparency in order to support on the long run the business evolution as well as a sustainable future in general.

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A showerhead that changes color when using too much water

Smart tech saving-the-planet products are increasing. A design firm creates a showerheads with LED lights and sensors that monitor how much water volume has passed through.

From green to purple, orange and red, you will know how much water you are using.

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Discover this eco-conscious product and read more about it:


A billboard creating drinkable water out of thin air

A billboard creating drinkable water out of thin air !?

You read it well; the UTEC (University of Engineering and Technology of Peru) and an advertising agency developed a billboard that produces around 100 liters of water a day from nothing more than humidity.

The billboard produced around 9,450 liters of water in three months, capturing air humidity. The production is equal to the water consumption of a hundreds of families per month. Strategically placed in the city or in outlying villages, it might do a big difference. Moreover, imagine what you could accomplish in any number of troubled spots around the world that need potable water with a solution like this one! Discover more about this amazing project and on how to make a difference and change the world.

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Every Drop counts

Almost everyone knows that water is a limited resource, but we still continue to avoid the topic. Are we aware of how much water one person needs for drinking, cooking, or cleaning?

Here are some facts about water, that you maybe didn’t know:

A person needs about 20 – 50 litres a day for drinking, cooking and cleaning according to the UN.

We have only 1% fresh water on Earth, and all 7 BILLION people must share this 1% water.

The United States has the biggest Water Footprint (2483 m3/capita/year).

Everyday 132 litres water are used for Garden Hose/ Sprinkler, followed by 125 litres water for Power Shower (under 5 minutes).

128 litres water per year are wasted, if you have a dripping faucet (1 drop per minute).

To produce one kilo of rice – it takes 1000 – 3000 litres of water.

For 1 chicken – 44 litres of water are used.

A person taking a 5 minute shower in a developed country uses more water than a person living in a slum in a developing country uses in a day.

Americans use 5 times more water than Europeans do.

More people have a mobile phone than a toilet.

So there is one conclusion to make: Every Drop counts !

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Tips on reducing your footprint

Dear USI Students,

as we are a big family, we wanted to give you ten tips on how to reduce your footprint.

  1. Join a Sustainable Student Organization or in our case just create a sustainable student organization (for serious considerations: please contact SINC).
  2. Study Sustainability: just attend a sustainable course or if you have any ideas of sustainable projects -> Let us know!!
  3. Conserve Electricity: If you happen to take a break of Facebook or Twitter, just shut down your laptop or if you live in a dorm, make sure to use LED lights.
  4. Reusable water bottles: One of our biggest enemies: PLASTIC. There are so many reasons, why you should not use plastic bottles anymore. There are only benefits at using reusable water bottles. Besides Mother Nature will be grateful for that.
  5. Second Hand Shops: Don´t be shy to enter in a Second Hand Shop, we are sure you will find something interesting. Macklemore has even wrote a song about Second Hand Shops
  6. Textbooks: Please don´t start a bonfire with your Textbooks, you can sell them to other students and earn some money.
  7. Remain Digital: If you really don´t like books, there is an option: Digital Textbooks. Of course there is also a benefit: Reduction of paper.
  8. Ditch the Car: At the main entrance of the University there are rental bikes, but if you happen to live far away, just take the bus or create a carpool.
  9. Buy Locally: We have to support local restaurants, farms etc
  10. Swap Party: Meet up for Swap Parties, just share clothes, DVD´s, books you don´t need.

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