Project Acqua: a Ticinese-based start-up and Migros step up collaboration to bring water to Mali

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Globally, one in ten people don’t have access to drinkable water. Starting from this consideration, two students from Ticino have recently created the Project Acqua start-up, which aims to provide concrete and visible help to one of the poorest regions of the world. The first project consists of the commercialization of a special, half a liter bottle of “Gazzosa dei Nostrani” (a typical fizzy lemonade made in Ticino), mandarine or lemon flavoured. The initiative, which was created through the collaboration with Migros Ticino and Sicas SA, allows customers to choose if they wish to pay an additional 20 cents to buy the bottle. If they do, the whole amount is devolved to Helvetas, which uses it to build new waterwells in Mali and guarantees a person living there 47 days of drinkable water access.

The project is supported by the Ente regionale per lo sviluppo of Bellinzonese e Valli, Banca Stato and Percento culturale of Migros Ticino.

It was first designed by Paolo Del Ponte and Marco Righetti, who both attended the Bachelor in Business Administration at St Gallen University.

You can find the special bottles at Migros from June 6th at the price of 1.50 CHF. The label is provided with information about Project Acqua, and if you remove it from the bottle you can choose if you wish to help someone living in Mali.

An amazing initiative, all our compliments to Paolo and Marco!

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The eco guide to bottled water

Bottled water is a matter of concern for many reasons. It takes more than 7 liters of water and 162g of oil to make plastic bottle. However if buying a bottled water is needed, try to support local brands that are using recycled plastic or that are investing to protect the environment like Life Water from Pembrokeshire or One Water which donates all its profit to provide clean water in the developing world.

However, the real alternative and eco beverage still remains tap water !

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Integrate Sustainability into your business

Do you own a business? Is the topic of Sustainability important to you?

More and more companies follow the Sustainability trend. Find below three initiatives that drive sustainability integration across businesses.

1) Integrated reporting

The integrated reporting helps companies to understand and to communicate the ways in which their business models create value to stakeholders, as well as to understand the interconnections between material issues.

There aren´t many examples of truly integrated companies, but Philips and SAP are part of these few companies.

2) CFO engagement and leadership

The CFO role is evolving from  pure financial planning and reporting to the wider lens of value creation. Four guides were published by the network to help the finance and accounting community taking practical steps to integrate sustainability into their business processes and decisions.

Members of the network include companies such as The Crown Estate, Danone, Marks & Spencer, Royal DSM, Sainsbury’s and Unilever.

3) Benefit Corporations

The benefits corporation have to expand current measures beyond financial value to include environmental and social aspects are:

  • improved resilience,
  • more informed decision-making
  • better investor engagement over the long term

However, the business model itself has to be driven by sustainability. Integration has to be done through effective transparency in order to support on the long run the business evolution as well as a sustainable future in general.

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A showerhead that changes color when using too much water

Smart tech saving-the-planet products are increasing. A design firm creates a showerheads with LED lights and sensors that monitor how much water volume has passed through.

From green to purple, orange and red, you will know how much water you are using.

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Conference about water

Smart Systems for Urban Water Demand Management

A conference about water is going to take place this summer in Monte Verità, Switzerland from the 21 until August 25. This Symposium and Summer School aims at exploring the perspective of urban water demand management for the next years.

Several topics are going to be addressed, with a particular a particular focus on the behavior of water consumers, the drivers of such behavior, the role of social norms, economic leverages and water demand management strategies in order to  promote behavioral change, as well as the role of Information and Communication Technologies to support the design, implementation and deliver smart solutions for urban water demand management.

Register and get more information here:

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